Control Boxes / Power supplies

Ranging from homecare to long-term care beds as well as from high end hospital to patient lifting applications ilcon provides customized control boxes and power supplies for the healthcare market.

The microprocessor controlled Intelligent Control System ICS offers fully adjustable features for high end application. While the sophisticated SCR10 control system offers additional safety featured such as an adjustable safety area or first failure detection and signaling, relay controlled systems provide great and economical solutions for a wide variety of applications in the healthcare market.

Either fitted into the ilcoFlexx 581 double actuator or separately placed into its own slim control box, all systems offer great performance and safety as the backbone of the application’s actuator system.

All available control systems (Relay, ICS or SCR10) are fully certified to DIN EN 60601-1:2006 and provide great solutions for different applications and requirements of the healthcare market.


  • ilcoPower SMPS

    ILCOPOWER SMPS The new ilcon 24V power supply for all medical products. As it separates the net voltage (110V to 240V) from the rest of the system the ilcoPower SMPS is safe and innovative. With its wide range input and the country specific plugs it also highly flexible and can be used with almost all ilcoPower control boxes or the ilcoFlexx double actuators.

  • ilcoPower ICS

    ILCOPOWER ICS The sophisticated microprocessor controlled system for applications with highest requirements and performance. The control system is adjustable in various ways and can be programmedto function exactly as the customer wants it to. Monitoring more than 100 parameters simultaneously this system offers highest safety features for all medical devices – fully certified to DIN EN 60601-1:2006.

  • ilcoPower SCR10

    ILCOPOWER SCR10 Combining the reasonable design of a relay system and the benefits of more sophisticated features such as a safety area or angle protection the ilcoPower SCR10 is the perfect control system for a wide variety of healthcare applications. Either fitted into the ilcoFlexx 581 double actuator or placed in its own slim housing it shows high flexibility for different beds in the medical ...