Different applications with individual requirements entail customized solutions.

The ilcon actuator portfolio is already designed to fit into a variety of applications in a “systems configuration”, – but each actuator can be tailored additionally according to the customer’s needs and can be adjusted in almost every way, until they fit the customer’s requirements perfectly.

This means that product is not picked just “off the shelf” – it is designed and customized to your needs. Starting with its basic dimensions such as installation and stroke length, the actuators components can be picked individually based on your specific requirements. Different spindle solutions, cable types, plugs as well as motor options or power supply options – ilcon will offer the perfect solution for your individual application.

As all ilcoDrive and ilcoFlexx 581 actuators are certified to DIN EN 60601-1:2006 they are the perfect solution for the health care market – ranging from home care beds to long-term and hospital applications as well as patient lifters.


  • ilcoFlexx 581

    ILCOFLEXX 581 Providing a perfect solution for head and leg rest movement in a compact design the ilcoFlexx 581 double actuator serves as the main part of various healthcare beds. Either with an integrated transformer in combination with the ilcoFree mains isolation or powered by the sophisticated ilcoPower SMPS the device functions as the main part of a actuator system that is fully certified to ...

  • ilcoDrive CZ

    ILCODRIVE CZ The most powerful single actuator in the ilcon portfolio for heavy duty applications. As all other ilcon components the product is certified to DIN EN 60601-1:2006 and is therefore the perfect solution for the health care market. Offering the option of flexible zinc diecasting forkheads and different motor and spindle combinations the actuator is adaptable to various environments – from regular nursing beds ...

  • ilcoDrive EZ

    ILCODRIVE EZ The reasonable option for homecare and long term care applications. As the product is certified to DIN EN 60601-1:2006 it is a great actuator for price sensitive markets with lower force requirements. Combined with the attachable ilcoPower DP control box it is a great combination for various applications in different, price sensitive market places.

  • ilcoDrive DZ

    ILCODRIVE DZ A single actuator fitting into almost any application in the healthcare market as well as providing high usability in the industry market.  

  • ilcoDrive OZ

    ILCODRIVE OZ The powerful yet quiet single actuator solution for applications in homecare, long term care and hospital environments. With the flexibility of providing a 90° option on its lower forkhead the ilcoDrive OZ easily adjusts into different package situations.