In order to provide additional features as well offering more comfort to the patient and caretaker, ilcon offers different accessories that will complete the linear actuator system to make it unique.

Lighting options for patients and nursing staff and battery backup systems will increase the usability and flexibility of a healthcare application, while the ilcoFree mains isolation separates the bed from the mains supply when not in use. This results in less cost for the facility while providing a higher level of safety for the patient at the same time.

All accessories have been tested in conjunction with the ilcon portfolio and are certified to their respective standards in order to provide a highest level or performance and safety.

  • ilcoFree

    ILCOFREE The ilcoFree is a maintenance-free, independent mains isolation that results in 0.0W standby consumption and increased patient safety. Furthermore duty cycle of the specific application can be increased while the cost of operation decreases. Since its optimized design approach damages due to collisions tend to zero.

  • ilcoLight UB

    ILCOLIGHT UB The ilcoLight UB is great addition to the ilcon control systems as it provides light where it is most needed: Around the patient’s bed. Therefore the safety of the patients is greatly increased while the light does not disturb anyone. With its warm-light LED and its only marginal power consumption the ilcoLight UB is a great accessory to any ilcon system.